Kinseekers Genealogical Society of Lake County Florida
Kinseekers Genealogical Society of Lake County Florida

Recent Events 2023 - 2024

For Whom The Bell Tolls: Documenting & Memorializing Death
Saturday, 13 July
This program looks beyond death certificates to examine records that can help us document death dates. It also explores burial practices and mourning rituals used to remember and honor departed loved ones. Join us for this informative exploration of death, burial, & remembrance.
Lisa Oberg, MLIS, is a senior special collections librarian at the University of Washington. Her professional research interests include women's suffrage, the WWI era, and understanding how death and disease affected our ancestors. She also curates a blog dedicated to Base Hospital No. 50 (WWI).

Is That Really Your Guy? Proving Your Conclusion
Saturday, 11 May
Building a family tree is fun. You go online, search for, and discover records that seem to be for your ancestors. But, accidentally adding the wrong branches to your tree can be frustrating and time-consuming to fix. Learn how to avoid (or at least minimize) errors by channeling your own inner detective.
This presentation discusses how to sort and evaluate evidence to make sure that really is your guy (or gal), and to help you logically prove your conclusions.
Debbie Wilson Smyth holds a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University and is an alumnus and past coordinator for the Professional Genealogy (ProGen) Study Group program. She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and the Genealogy Speakers Guild. Debbie is also the owner of Oak Trails Genealogy Services, LLC.

Using Newspapers to Explore Communities and Daily Lives
Saturday, 13 April
Newspapers report on the day-to-day life of the communities they serve. As we seek out the details of our ancestors' lives, newspapers are where we can discover information we can't find in other records. In addition, they can supplement the records we do find. This presentation will discuss what newspapers offer when searching by name or by community.
We are excited to bring back Gena Philibert-Ortega, a recognized leader in genealogy education. Gena specializes in social history, women's history, & newspaper research. In addition to speaking to societies, she teaches for both the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy and the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh.

Jumping the Pond: Connecting Immigrants to Their Homeland - 1870s to 1930s

Saturday, 9 March
Last month, our feature program provided an overview of immigration and naturalization. This month, we're taking a deeper look at researching immigration from the 1870s-1930s.
Are you and your ancestors tired of hanging out in US records? Ready to get back to Europe? In this presentation, Mary Roddy will cover a methodology for finding an ancestor's place of origin. You'll learn about a host of records that might provide a location or clues toward finding one. Mary's got a spreadsheet trick for squeezing the most out of passenger lists and a couple ideas for when all else fails. Finally, she'll inspire you with a couple of case studies where she connects immigrants back to their home in Europe.
We're excited to bring back Certified Genealogist®, Mary Roddy. A popular presenter at national conferences, Mary is also co-editor of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly and a founding member of the Applied Genealogy Institute. 

Immigration & Naturalization: Backing Up to the Boat
Saturday, 10 February 
We're excited to offer this comprehensive program on immigration and naturalization.
Learn about the different periods of immigration, how ethnic backgrounds changed over time, the various ports of entry, and details related to the naturalization process. Unique circumstances such as indentured servants and name changes will also be discussed.
Gain insights into using timelines, census documentation, online databases, and family documents to discover the story of your ancestors' immigration and naturalization journeys.
Presented by Ann Osisek, a past recipient of the Florida State Genealogical Society's Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition of her contributions to the field of genealogical education. She has taught across a wide variety of educational venues, to include the Disney Institute and Elderhostel. She has been published in numerous genealogical and historical society journals, and is a Past President of the Florida State Genealogical Society the Central Florida Genealogical Society. 

Putting Your Learning to Work
Saturday, 13 January
As family history researchers, we are always learning. Societies, libraries, institutes, and other organizations offer what seems like a never-ending stream of interesting webinars, courses, and conferences.
With so many programs available, how do we decide what to watch, and how can we get the most out of these educational opportunities?
Join us for a special program designed to help you prioritize your learning choices and apply the information, skills, and insights you learn.
Presented by educator, writer, and Certified Genealogist®, Mary Kircher Roddy.  Mary is a founding member of the Applied Genealogy Institute, a frequent speaker at national conferences, co-editor of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, and a popular webinar presenter. 

Resiliency via Family History
Saturday, 9 Dec
Studies show that hearing family stories can help children become more resilient. Join us for an overview of these studies and their findings, followed by an open round table discussion. We've invited some special guests to share their unique insights and expertise. We think you'll find it a dynamic and thought-provoking conversation.


Forensic Genetic Genealogy: Solving Crimes with DNA & Family Trees
Saturday, 11 Nov
Don't miss this fascinating presentation discussing forensic genetic genealogy. Learn how DNA and family tree research are used to solve crimes while also addressing privacy. 
Shera LaPoint is a Genetic Genealogist with DNA Labs International, Inc. and a licensed Private Investigator in the State of Louisiana. She has been honored by the League City, Texas Police Dept. for her work in identifying a victim in the Texas Killing Fields and has also received recognition from the United States Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority for her work in a homicide case. She was named the 2021 Beaumont Police Department and Texas Ranger Troop A Crime Stopper of the Year for her work in a 1995 homicide cold case. In September 2023, she was named to a National BTK Task Force formed by the Osage County Sheriff's Office in Oklahoma.

Expand Your Research with Family Tree Maker 
Saturday, 14 Oct
Learn how Family Tree Maker software is designed to help you expand your research. It's simple to install, syncs with and, and offers a wide variety of capabilities and features.
This program will discuss what makes Family Tree Maker different from other genealogy products and software; its robust family tree building features; and its unique customization tools. You'll also learn about its special partner products: Charting Companion and Family Book Creator.
Presented by Mark Olsen, Family Tree Maker Ambassador since 2016. Mark holds a bachelor's degree in Family History and has been working in the genealogy industry for fifteen years. (This is not a sales event.)
Special Guest, Rebecca Shamblin, will also preview our upcoming 5-month hands-on Study Group on Using Family Book Creator.  

Researching Black Family History Event
Saturday, 23 September
Presented by Kinseekers GenSoc and the Leesburg Public Library.
 Researching Black Family History, 1900-1950: Essential Foundations  presented by Taneya Koonce
-  Context Matters: Researching World War Two Black Ancestors presented by KB Barcomb
-  Colleges, Clubs, & Cotton Fields: Researching Black Women, 1900-1950 presented by Adrienne G. Whaley