Kinseekers Genealogical Society of Lake County Florida
Kinseekers Genealogical Society of Lake County Florida
Past Events 2017 - 2018

June Program 2018
How to Clear the Mess on Your Desk
Presented by Kelli Bergheimer, MEd, MSM, currently pursuing a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Kelli is a writer, teacher, editor, and national speaker.
Thanks to Kelli for explaining why the time it takes to digitize and organize will save time in the future.  Kelli gave us tips and tricks to organize our papers, photos, documents, research, DNA cousins, research trips, and digital records. We also learned some common backup tools to protect what we have acquired. She showed us how to organize ourselves in a way that leaves more time for the fun stuff of genealogy-- sharing, publishing, and finding even more!

May Program 2018
Family Search Research Wiki
Presented by genealogist and speaker LuAnn Erlich
Some of you may remember the outstanding program LuAnn gave on Find-A-Grave a couple of years ago. We were thrilled to have her return!
Did you know that has a Research Wiki? With over 85,000 articles, their Research Wiki is an incredible, but often overlooked, resource. It can help you learn where and how to search for information that can lead to all kinds of new family discoveries. Join us for an introduction, tour, and sharing of tricks and tips that will help you get the most out of the FamilySearch Research Wiki.

April Program 2018
Turn Family History Facts into Stories You Can Share
Annette Burke Lyttle on Probate Records at Kinseekers Apr 21, 2018
Genealogists accumulate a lot of facts – but the rest of the world wants to hear stories. Does the idea of trying to tell the stories of your ancestors seem like too big a job? Thanks to Annette Burke Lyttle, professional genealogist and nationally acclaimed speaker, for returning to teach us two simple principles that can get us started writing your family stories: look at what the facts imply and “take small bites.”

March Program 2018
Protecting Your Family Heirlooms and Genealogy Research from Disasters
Hurricanes. Tornados. Fire. Flooding. These are just some of the events that can wreak havoc on treasured family history items and research. 
Many thanks to Professional archivist Kevin Arms, who discussed ways to protect your family photos, documents, and heirlooms before, during, and after a disaster.  

February Program 2018
How Research Plans Can Up Your Genealogical Game
Annette Burke Lyttle to speak at Kinseekers
Many thanks to professional genealogist and nationally acclaimed speaker, Annette Burke Lyttle, for an outstanding presentation. 
Annette's talk explained why research is more effective and productive if we take a little time to make a plan before we dive in. Annette covered the steps and techniques of research planning that will save you time and frustration. Using a research plan helps in all areas of genealogy, be it seeking an elusive vital record, identifying DNA connections, or even breaking down a brick wall.

January Program 2018
Understanding and Using Your Autosomal DNA Results
Special Thanks to Genetic Genealogy expert and nationally acclaimed speaker, Drew Smith, for an outstanding presentation on Autosomal DNA. This program explained why so many genealogists are excited about DNA testing.  Autosomal DNA test results not only provide clues to your heritage, it can help fill the spaces in your family tree. This program taught us how  to interpret the results and then make successful contact with matches. 

December Program 2017 
The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) and Internet Archive
Thank you(!) to Kristin Barcomb for her presentation "The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) and Internet Archive." Most of our members were unfamiliar with these two fantastic free resources.  Kristin provided an overview of both sites and illustrated how we can use them to discover unique nuggets of our family history. 
At our Annual Business Meeting, members voted to approve the proposed Interim By-Laws and elected our Officers for 2018.
Congratulations to: President: Bob Schultz, Vice President: Kevin Arms, Treasurer: Debi Hoag, Secretary: Kristin Barcomb 

October Program 2017 
WikiTree, The World's Free, Collaborative, Online Family Tree
Thank you to Debi Hoag for an outstanding presentation on WikiTree, The World's Free, Collaborative, Online Family Tree. As a WikiTree Genealogist, Project Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, and Leader, Debi brought a unique and detailed understanding of WikiTree and how it can help us advance our family history research.  Member response was so positive, we are starting a WikiTree special interest group (SIG). We'll share the details as soon as they are available.
Society members can access her handouts and presentation slides in the "downloads" section of the Members Only tab.